United States of Glass

GLASS backwards

Music: Glass, Concrete, & Stone -D.Byrne

Each scene is composed backwards:

Mountain Men 2013

Paints are mixed with kinechromatic pigments, which lend depth & convey motion when exposed to light:

Mountain Men 2013

Process is an adventure! In my work, I travel through a glass medium, while my adventures take shape and shift with exposure to light. 

Painting in reverse, I create an image on one side of the glass and view the completed scene from the other side.

To explore the aesthetic of motion in 2D, I mix kinechromatic pigments with enamels that exhibit spectral reflectance to light and color-shifting with the angle of view. 

The surface of the glass lends depth to this mixture of pigments, causing elements in the picture to change color, appear and disappear as both the angle of viewing and the angle of illumination change. 

In short, when light hits the picture, new elements emerge... and the adventure continues!
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